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Last original inbix release is v0.99p(26-Jun-2018)

In Silico Bioinformatics Toolkit

Introduction | Relief-F | reGAIN | dcGAIN | SnpRank | dcVar | iQTL | Modularity | ripM | Evaporative Cooling | Numerics | PLINK capabilities


inbix is a free, open-source bioinformatics tool, designed to perform a range of large-scale analyses in a computationally efficient manner. The inbix program integrates many different analyses developed by the McKinney Insilico Lab for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology at the University of Tulsa.  

inbix builds upon the foundation of PLINK (one syllable) developed by Shaun Purcell whilst at the Center for Human Genetic Research (CHGR), Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), and the Broad Institute of Harvard & MIT, with the support of others.  

Feature Selection

  • Relief-F Scores
  • Random Forests Importance Scores
  • reGAIN + SnpRank


  • Evaporative Cooling

Interaction Networks

  • reGAIN
  • dcGAIN
  • Modularity/Community Detection
  • ripM

Quantitative Phenotypes

  • dcVar
  • iQTL

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